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TEC Python Ref Sheets:  sytax for Python code with examples
templates comment lines you can copy and paste(CTRL-V) into your repl.
   If no template, then practice with the examples on the Ref sheet.

 Python Ref Sheet 1input, print, if-elif-else, while loops

      template if-elif-else sky_color
      template if-elif-else ticket_price

 Python Ref Sheet 2  –  range using for loops

      template range examples

Python Ref Sheet 3  –  lists, for loops

Python Ref Sheet 4 –  while loop, break and continue

Python Ref Sheet 5 – generate random numbers, use while loop and range

Python Ref Sheet 6 – Reading and Writing to a file – coming soon!

game Guess the Number

game Orc

Day1 TEC Aug 21