Current officers listed in Tech Topics. Full list coming soon!

  • David , Founder
  • Christina, President, Circuits/Robotics
  • Evan, President, Programming
  • Michael, President, Physics
  • Nate(not pictured), VP, Circuits/Robotics
  • Xalen, VP, 3D Printing & Graphics

David, founder and President of TEC club in 2019, taught the first TEC Summer Camp in 2019 for Programming, Creating web pages, and Arduino Circuits. The club has grown to include Robotics and 3D printing, so we’ve changed our name to Technology Academy. He is currently working on Data Science modules. Our officers and members have impressive experience, so if you are interested to learn or try new things, we can get you started!

Christina, President of Arduino circuits, Electronics & Robotics, can
work with you to build circuits and build a remote-controlled car! Make circuit boards light up, program transmitter/transceivers, or program motors to spin! She is currently working on a SmartRobot. We use Arduino so there are numerous projects to try!

Evan, President of Programming, can get you started with Python, JavaScript, HTML, or C++. He has extensive knowledge and can start you with the basics, or step you through the design process to program games or web pages.

Xalen, Vice-President of 3D-printing and Graphics, has created some advanced projects on our Creality 3D printer. He also helps with the Arduino projects, programming, and building computers.