Our first camp T-shirt – summer 2019
Before we started TEC club (Technology. Engineering. Computing.), we hosted a summer camp to raise funds. Camp offered one week of Arduino Circuits and one week of Web page design. It was a success! We raised enough money to purchase club supplies for fall of 2019.

TEC club lg

First club T-shirt 2019-20, 2020-21
We needed a logo/shirt that reflected circuits, programming and robotics.

Tech Academy logo

Second club T-shirt 2021-22
Ok, we are working with basic drones, and increasing our circuit projects to transmitters/transceivers and motors… robotic cars! Each area of Tech Academy is written in the logo and images are included.

logo Tech 2023

Current Tech Academy T-shirt 2022-23
Our club has grown in technology and the number of students. We have upgraded and standardized our project notebooks in all areas – Arduino Circuits and Robotics, Programming, 3D Printing, Web pages and Drones. This logo represents us well… it’s a keeper!