Arduino Circuit Boards
Can I use a circuit board to make LEDs blink, motors turn and antennas to “talk” to each other? Yes to all three!
Projects start with a circuit board and breadboard to program LEDs, switches, potentiometers, motors and other components to create really cool projects.
Each project teaches one or more concepts, depending on the difficulty, and include a schematic and code. Work at your own pace and research as needed. The sponsor or student mentor is always available to help.
VP: Aderin
Jr. Tech:

We use an online editor for Python, HTML, and Java so we have the most up-to-date version and changes can be tested quickly. Start with the basics using our Python packets and work at your own pace. Try the brainteasers and be as creative as you want with the answers!
Complete the first unit of Python programs, then you can work with the programmable drones, which use Python, of course!
VP: Kevin

3D Printing
This is our newest area. Our first project packet includes a keychain, pen holder, pumpkin, anchor and snowflake. All these projects build on the basics to learn 3D design in our CAD software. After you design an item, the file goes to the 3D printer with the requested color of filament.
We have two students that have worked with 3D printers, and they helped to build our current Creality Ender printers and maintain/install upgrades.
President: Xalen
Sr. Tech, Maintenance: Dillon
CAD Design: Xalen, Yezielle

Web Design
Use HTML and CSS to bring your ideas to life on a webpage. Follow our notebook guide to add content, images, video and links with highlights and color.
Try some animation with shapes and color using CSS and JavaScript.
VP: Sydney

They drones are here! Kevin, VP of Programming, is researching and implementing programmable drones this semester. Stay tuned for photos and demonstration videos!